Saturday, May 19, 2012

Give Me Sweet Kisses

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of psp.
I use paint shop 9, but any version should work.
All of my tutorials are of my own creations any similarity with any other tutorial is purely coincidental.Please do not copy my tutorials please link back to my blog!

I am always interested in seeing what you create using my tuts. You can send your results to me at


Tube of choice.
I am using artwork  by ZlataM. A PTU Artist. You must purchase and obtain a license to use. This tube is part of a collab with Bibi and is only available in the exclusive club area, you can purchase this tube here.

Scrapkit PTU SweetKisses by Bibi's Collection.  
You can purchase this kit here.

Font of choice.
Filters needed: 
eye candy4-gradient glow-not required used for name

Don't forget to save often.


Open a new image 700x700, we will re-size later.

Instructions for coping and pasting. 

Activate the layer. 
Selections-select all-float-defloat-selections-invert, active paper or tube layer and hit delete. 

When you see C/P in the tut that means Copy and Paste.
Add drop shadow as desired. See my tag for exact placement.

Using your rectangle tool draw out a rectangle. Foreground #511147 background null. Width 8, create on vector. Objects align-center in canvas. Convert to raster.

Using you magic wand click inside of the frame we made, selections-expand by 5. C/P paper8, selections-invert-hit delete. Select none. Move under your frame. Add a gradient glow to your frame, I used fat first box white, second box #e41fdc. Width 3.12, soft corners 25, overall opacity 100. Then add drop shadow of choice.

C/P your tube. Duplicate. On top layer adjust-blur-gaussian blur3 change blend mode to soft light. Merge down.

C/P elements of choice or use mine below. See my tag for exact placement.

C/P element43 resize 40% over your tube.

C/P element105 resize50% place at the top of the frame on the right side, duplicate mirror.

C/P element22 place so that it looks like she is blowing them.

C/P element98 resize40% place on the right side of your tube.

C/P element82 resize50% place on the right side of the bunny.

C/P element7 resize75% mirror place on the right side at the bottom.

C/P element83 resize35% place on the right side at the bottom.

C/P element64 resize50% place at the bottom on the left side.

C/P element108 resize50% place at the bottom on the left side of the cupcake.

C/P element61 resize15% place behind the cupcake and star.

Crop merged opaque.

Add a new raster layer, flood fill and apply mask of choice.

Merge visible. Re-size to desired size. 

Add name or saying of choice. 

Add proper copyright info and save as .png
Thanks for trying my tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it.

This tutorial was written on May 19, 2012

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