Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tru Blu

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of psp.

I use paint shop 9, but any version should work.

All of my tutorials are of my own creations any similarity with any other tutorial is purely coincidental.Please do not copy my tutorials please link back to my blog!

I am always interested in seeing what you create using my tuts. You can send your results to me at lynnkitten101@gmail.com.


Tube of choice
I am using artwork  by The Hunter. A PTU Artist. You must purchase and obtain a license to use. Which you can get here This tube happens to be an Exclusive to the group Taggers Den which you can earn when you join. You can find them here

Scrapkit of choice, or the one I used. I used PTU Blue Emo by PinkCandy Designs which you can purchase here

Font of choice. I used The NautiGal
Filters needed: 
eye candy4-gradient glow for the name

Don't forget to save often.


Open a new image 700x700.

C/P frame2 place in middle of image. Using your magic wand click inside of the frame, selections-modify-expand by 6. C/P paper13-selections-invert, hit delete. Move the paper under the frame layer. C/P tube, duplicate, close the duplicate and click on the original hit delete. Select none. Open the duplicate and move to top, erase the part you don't want showing outside of your frame

 C/P elements of choice or use mine below. See my tag for exact placement

glitter center send to bottom bring it up a bit so part of is showing at the top of the frame, duplicate and flip

glitter2 place at the top and to the left a bit so part of it is showing at the top and side of the frame, duplicate-mirror, duplicate-flip, duplicate-mirror

glass place at the bottom on the left side

cupcake2 resize50% place on the right side of the glass

flower resize50% place at the top on the right side

cupcake resize45% place on the right side of cupcake2

beads resize80% place on the right under the flower

strawberry resize65% place on the right side at the bottom

shoe resize65% place on the right of the strawberry move under the strawberry layer

knickers resize65% rotate right 35 degrees place to the right of the shoe move under the shoe layer

heart2 resize65 place at the top on the left side

Crop merged opaque.

Merge visible.

Re-size to desired size. 

Add name or saying of choice. 

Add proper copyright info and save as .png
Thanks for trying my tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it.

This tutorial was written on July 10, 2012


  1. Glad to see you using my tube I donated :P

  2. Your welcome hun maybe it will get some members on the forum for ya. Huggerz and thank you :-)