Monday, March 19, 2012

Pink Bunny

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of psp.

I use paint shop 9, but any version should work.
All of my tutorials are of my own creations any similarity with any other tutorial is purely coincidental.Please do not copy my tutorials please link back to my blog!


Tube  of choice.
I am using artwork by David Collins. Which is a FTU artist, you can find his art here.

Scrapkit FTU Easter Hop by BitzyBeez Designz here

Font of choice. I am using Bonafetti here.
Filters needed
Don't forget to save often.

Open new image 600x600
Open frame 5. Copy and paste as new layer, resize 60%
Click inside frame with magic wand, selections-modify-expand by 6
Copy and paste paper 21-selections invert-hit delete, move layer under the frame. Don't deselect yet.

Copy and paste tube, hit delete. Select none, add drop shadow of choice I use Offset V/H:2 Opacity:70 Blur:6 Color: Black
Add drop shadow to frame

Now copy and paste tube once again above frame and using your eraser tool, eraser any part of the tube you don't want outside of the frame, see mine for reference. Effects-xero-porcelain- use these settings:

Copy-paste Stem flowers 1-resize 25%, move to right of frame-duplicate and mirror. Add drop shadow.

Copy-paste Stem flowers 2- resize 55% place over flower 1 to your liking-duplicate and mirror, add drop shadow.

Copy and paste jar of jellybeans 2-resize 25%, place bottom left of frame covering the ends of the flowers we placed before, see mine for reference. Add drop shadow.

Copy and paste marshmallow bunny 4-resize 25%, place bottom left of frame beside the jelly beans, rotate left 25%, add drop shadow.

Copy and paste marshmallow bunny 1 resize 30%, place beside and beneath bunny 4, add drop shadow.

Copy and paste chick 2-resize 30% move to right side of frame, see mine for reference. Add drop shadow.

Copy and paste 2 different eggs-resize 20% place one on each side and beneath the chick, add dropshadow.

Copy and paste 2 more different eggs-resize 15%. Place on top of other 2 eggs, see mine for reference.

Copy and paste 2 butterflies-resize 15%. Place on right side of frame to your liking. See mine for reference, add drop shadow.

Copy and paste fish net 3-resize 65%, move to bottom and place at top right of frame. Copy and paste fish net 4-resize 65%. Image mirror-image flip-place lower left side of frame. See mine for reference.

Add name of choice. Bottom middle of frame. I used Bonafetti size 85. Foreground none, background #f8baf9. I added an inner bevel, glass gradient glow and drop shadow to mine.

Add proper copyright info and save as .png
Thanks for trying my tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it.

This tutorial was written on March 19, 2012

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