Saturday, March 3, 2012

Queen Bitch

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of psp.

I use paint shop 9, but any version should work. 
All of my tutorials are of my own creations any similarity with any other tutorial is purely coincidental. Please do not copy my tutorials please link back to my blog!


Tube and close up of choice.

I am using artwork by Keith Garvey. A PTU Artist. You must purchase and obtain a license to use his work. You can purchase his tubes from PTE here.   
The tube I am using is an exclusive for Creative Misfits jump on over and check them out. You can find their site here 

Template AlishaDeb Temp1
which can be found at Creative Misfits Creations here

Scrapkit FTU Pink-a-licious by Addictive Pleasure which can be found here

Font of choice. I am using Soul Reaver which can be found here
Filters needed
eye candy4000-gradient glow
Don't forget to save often.


Open the template. Shift D to copy and close the original. Delete Raster 7. 

Image re-size-650x650 all layers checked. Make Raster 2 active. Selections-Select All-Float-Defloat-paste paper of choice. I am using p11. Selections-Invert-Edit-Cut or hit delete on keyboard. Do not deselect. 

Grab your close up. Edit-copy-paste as a new layer. Place to your liking in the circle, re-size tube if needed. Edit-cut or hit delete on keyboard. Selections-Select None. Change the blend mode of your tube to Screen or whatever looks best for your tube. Delete Raster 2.

Make Raster 5 active. Selections-Select all-Selections-float-defloat. Copy and paste paper of choice I am using p1. 
Put in place inside the circle. Selections=invert-edit cut or hit delete on keyboard. Copy and paste tube. 
Place to your liking. Edit-cut or hit delete on keyboard. Selections-Select none. Delete Raster 5. 
Make your tube layer inside the small circle active. Xero-porcelian use settings. Softness-50; Strength-128; Brightness-128; Red channel-0; Green channel-0; Blue channel-255. Ok and repeat for a second time. 
Make the small circle active. eye candy4-gradient glow. Use these settings. Basic-width 3; Soft corners-25; overall opacity-100; draw outside checked. Color-fat-both boxes white. Add drop shadow of choice.

Make copy of raster 2 active. Add drop shadow, with these settings. offset-v/h 2; attributes-opacity 60; blur 5; color black. Repeat drop shadow except change v/h to -2.

Delete Promoted Selection. Merge down copy of promoted selection with raster 6. Re-color to fit your tube. Place to your liking, I moved mine to the middle of the large circle. Add drop shadow of choice.

Make Copy of rater 4 active. Selections-float-defloat-layers new raster layer-flood fill with color of choice, I used #e55288 to match my tube. Selections-select none. Texture effect blinds with these settings. Width-2; opacity-30; color-white; both boxes checked. Add drop shadow-same as used before. Repeat changing the v/h to -2. Delete copy of raster 4.

Make Raster 4 active. Selections-float-defloat-layers-new raster layer. Floodfill with white. Selections-select none. Adjust-add/remove noise-add noise-uniform-noise 60%, monochrome checked. Add drop shadow of choice. Delete raster 4.

Make Raster 3 active. Selections-float-defloat-paste paper of choice, I used p1. Place to your liking. Selections-invert-edit-cut or hit delete on keyboard. Selections-select none. Add same gradient glow as before. Add drop shadow of choice. Delete Raster 3.

Make copy of raster 3 active. Texture effects-blinds same as used before. Selections-select all-float-defloat. Copy and paste close up, place to liking. Selections-invert-edit-cut or hit delete on keyboard. Selections-select none. Change blend mode to Luminance (L). Texture effects-Blinds same settings as before. Merge down. Add gradient glow same settings as before. Add drop shadow of choice.

Copy and paste your full tube to your liking. I put mine to the left of the black square. Layers duplicate. On top tube layer, adjust-blur-gaussian blur-3. Change blend mode to soft light. Add drop shadow to bottom tube layer.
Copy and paste. Tiara. Resize 45%. Move to bottom left. Copy and paste string3-image mirror. Place below your full tube. Add drop shadow. copy and paste bow3-rotate left 25%-all layers unchecked. Resize 65%. Place to left of large circle see my tag for placing. Add drop shadow. copy and paste doodle place on bottom top right, see my tag for placement. Duplicate-mirror. Add drop shadow to both doodles.
Crop merged opaque. Merge visible. Resize to your liking. I resize mine to 580x600.
Using font of choice-I used Soul Reaver. Add your name to Left middle of large circle. Color of choice, I used #d42e76 background, forground closed. Convert to raster. Add same gradient glow as used before. Add drop shadow,
Add proper copyright info and save as .png
Thanks for trying my tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it.
This tutorial was written on February 25, 2012

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  1. Hi Misty I cant seem to get the download for the template I have left a messgae on there blog that the link is invalid. Nice tut by the way